DATE: 09 March 2016

NUMBER: PR - 01 / 16

  1. Producing proactive strategies regarding maritime security with the vision of being an academic center and international competence, Maritime Security Centre of Excellence was established on November 12th, 2012 in Aksaz-MARMARIS. Since its establishment, there has been conducted many courses, training, maritime security workshops and deployed Mobile Training Team in Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Kenya, Djibouti for enhancing maritime security in Africa by MARSEC COE. MARSEC COE is going on its activities in national and international platforms as of 2015.
  2. International missions included;
    1. Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (1 Frigate),
    2. Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group (BLACKSEAFOR) (1 Frigate) currently suspended),
    3. UN Interim Force In Lebanon (UNIFIL) Maritime Task Force (1 Corvette/ Fast Attack Boat/ Patrol Ship),
    4. Operation Black Sea Harmony (Frigate, Corvette, Fast Attack Boat/Patrol Ship, Submarine, Maritime Aircrafts),
    5. Standing NATO Maritime MCM Group-2 (SNMCMG-2) (1 MCM Ship),
    6. NATO Immediate Assurance Measures against Ukraine Crisis (Maritime Patrol Aircrafts)
    7. Operation Active Endeavour (Surface Ships, Maritime Patrol Aircrafts),
    8. Passing exercises with other navies are being conducted by Surface Ships, Submarines, and Maritime Aircrafts.
  3. TCG BÜYÜKADA conducted port visits to Jeddah/Saudi Arabia, Djibouti / Djibouti, Salalah / Oman, Karachi / Pakistan, Muscat / Oman, Doha / Qatar, Manama / Bahrain, Jubail / Saudi Arabia and Kuwait / Kuwait within contribution to Ocean Shield Operation from January 26, 2015 and April 15/2015. She participated in EAGLE RESOLVE-2015 Exercise, hosted by Kuwait between 18-25 March 2015.
  4. 125th Anniversary of Frigate Ertuğrul’s Voyage to Japan was commemorated by a series of special events:
    1. TCG GEDİZ paid port visits to 14 different countries in memory of “125th Anniversary of Frigate Ertuğrul’s Cruise To Japan” between 01 April-31 July 2015. She visited Djibouti / Djibouti, Karachi / Pakistan, Mumbai / India, Colombo / Sri Lanka, Port Klang / Malaysia, Hong Kong / China, Qindao / China, Busan / South Korea, Shimonoseki / Japan, Kushimoto / Japan, Tokyo / Japan, Manila / Philippines, Singapore / Singapore, Chennai / India, Male / Maldivs, Salalah / Oman, Jeddah / Saudi Arabia. She attended commemoration ceremony held on June 3rd 2015 in Kushimoto / Japan.
    2. 44th Naval Forces Sailing Cup “Ertuğrul” was done on 13 August 2015, Symposium on “Ertuğrul Frigate and Naval Forces” and a ceremony for replica of HIEI cruiser were held at İstanbul Naval Museum. The movie “Ertuğrul 1890” was screened at Navy Headquarters and Naval Schools.
    3. İstanbul Naval Museum hosted an exhibition of Ertuğrul shipwreck objects between 2 April-31 December 2015, an exhibition of Ertuğrul’s Voyage to Japan on 2 April 2015, an exhibition of Deep Sea by American Oceanographer Professor Robert BALLARD between 16 April 2015- 16 May 2015.
    4. Underwater Defence Team and 1st class frogmen assigned onboard TCG GEDİZ dived into the shipwreck of Ertuğrul at Funago-Ra Rocks on 2 June 2015.
    5. Turkish Museum in Kushimoto was opened with a ceremony held at Kushimoto / Japan with participation of Japan Princess Akiko, Chief of Grand National Assembly H.E. Cemil ÇİÇEK, Turkish Navy Commander Admiral Bülent BOSTANOĞLU, Japanese Navy Commander Admiral Tomohisa Takei and other senior officials.
    6. Turkish Navy’s 44th Sailing Competition was performed on 13 August 2015,
    7. Symposium of “In trace of Ertuğrul and Diplomacy” was held between 16-17 September 2015,
    8. Ertuğrul shipwreck’s objects have been also exhibited at Mersin Naval Museum since 16 September 2015,
    9. Commemorative stamp and coin in memory of Ertuğrul were designed,
    10. A book named “Ertuğrul Frigate” was published in Turkish, English and Japanese languages,
  5. Frigate TCG GÖKOVA and Submarine TCG BURAKREİS participated in Exercise JOINT WARRIOR-15, which was led by the UK between 11-24 April 2015 and following the exercise they attended Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) between 4 May and 12 June 2015.
  6. Operation Mediterranean Shield is conducted nationally by surface ships one submarine and maritime aircraft in order to promote maritime security in Eastern Mediterranean.
  7. In order to prevent irregular and illegal immigration as well as human trafficking in the Aegean Sea, Standing Maritime Task Group-2 has been attending reconnaissance/surveillance and intelligence operations with a frigate.
  8. Some Naval Forces Personnel Activities during 2015:
    1. A total of 289 personnel were sent abroad for education and training.
    2. Navy’s Band performed 18 concerts.
    3. 862 personnel received briefing on “Preventing Domestic Violence”
    4. 110 citizens with disabilities experienced military service.
    5. A special day for Veterans was held at Admiral GÖKSAN Facilities, Ankara with 181 attendees.
    6. Young tree planting activities were done by Naval Subordinate Commands (22.162 in total).
    7. 586.179 citizens visited naval museums. Here is the statistics regarding number of visitors:
    İstanbul Naval Museum 188.073
    Çanakkale Naval Museum 245.626
    Mersin Naval Museum 25.119
    İskenderun Naval Museum 14.363
    İzmir Museum Shıps 95.128
    Gölcük Naval Museum 17.870
    TOTAL 586.179
  10. Turkish Navy started a new Enterprise Resource and Operations Planning Project, called ORSA, which is aimed to be in harmony with business processes. ORSA System will enable Turkish Navy to measure and monitor performance of naval units and accomplish different levels of Planning, Decision Making, Execution and Control Functions in a fast, accurate and safe manner.
  11. Contribution of factories to national economic values is sketched out below;
    1. Shipyard Commands meet the needs of surface ships, submarines and auxiliary ships, especially repair and maintenance requirements owing to having updated technologies as well as deep rooted experience.
    2. During 2015, 24 warships underwent long term repairs and docks of 108 warships were under maintenance.
    3. In addition to ship construction (Frigate, Fast Attack Boat, Mine Hunter, Patrol Boat, Amphibious Ship, Coast Guard Boat etc.) and modernization projects, Air Independent Submarine (project run by Gölcük Shipyard Command) and ADA class corvette (project run by İstanbul Shipyard Command) constructions are underway.
    4. Design Project Office within İstanbul Shipyard Command aims to set military standarts for future warships which will be constructed by private shipyards, lead and coordinate high-tech platform projects with organizations of civil industry. More organizations of civil industry are intended to take part in military ship construction projects, which enables the national wealth to remain within country.
  12. Service provided for civil ships at naval shipyards is listed below;
    1. Military Shipyards provide service for friendly and allied nations’ navies as well as organizations of domestic industry via Circulating Capital Enterprise, regulated by related laws of Ministry of National Defence and the Armed Forces,
    2. In this context, Circulating Capital Enterprise within Military Shipyards got 125 offers in total.
  13. Between 2014-2015, a number of 97 graduate cadets had an internship and 368 high school graduates received a practical training.
  14. Undergoing modenization projects have been published on Naval Forces official website (