Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) Athletic Sports Team achieved championship in Turkish Athletics 1st League in 2013-2014 terms among eight contending teams.

Capt.Hamza KAHRAMAN and Private Çetin ÖZDEMİR, members of Tukish Armed Forces Boxing Team ranked 3rd in their categories, each consisting of 16 boxers.

TAF Orienteering Team participated in Turkish Orienteering Championship conducted on 26-27 April 2014 and achieved championship in five different categories (man and female) and ranked 2nd in young female orienteering category.

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The web site has been prepared in order for informing the public about the sports activities of the Turkish Armed Forces on national and international levels.

TSK Spor Faaliyetleri


TSK Spor Faaliyetleri

The International Military Sports Council is an international sports association composed of armed forces of member nations. The fundemental aim of CISM is to promote sports activities and physical education between armed forces as a means to foster world peace.

CISM was founded on the 18th February 1948 in Nice (France). Following the Scond World War, the Allied Forces Sports Council was revived and the second Inter Allied Games were held in 1946 in Berlin. Most notably, allies from Western and Eastern Europe competed in harmony. Unfortunetly, because of political discord, the Allied Forces Sports Council was extingished in 1947. However, the ideal was rekindled the following year with the founding of CISM and the rise of a global vision.

TSK Spor Faaliyetleri

Since its foundation in 1948 with five European nations, CISM has grown 133 member nations today from Europe, Africa, Asia and South, Central and North Americas. In addition to many continental and regional championship, CISM organizes over 20 World Championship annualy and the Military World Games every four years with about 6,000 participants including Olympic Medalist.

After Italy and Sweden, Turkey became the 8th member nation of CISM in 1949 and regularly and actively participated and carried on his activities in CISM up to now.


At CISM World Military Games conducted in Republic of Korea between 01-13 October 2015 with the participation of armed forces of 110 countries ;

TAF Shooting Team ranked third in 25 meter slow+fast pistol shooting competition among 32 contending teams,

Gendarmerie Master Sergeant Yusuf DİKEC ranked first in 25 meter slow+fast pistol shooting competition among 48 contestants,

TAF Maritime Pentathlon Team, ranked sixth among 12 contending teams, Navy LTJG Kemal İLÇİN ranked second in Obstacle Run among 38 contestants,

TAF Aeronautical Pentathlon Team, ranked third among 12 contending teams, Air Defence 1st Lieutenant Hami KARAGÖL ranked second in fencing among 36 contestants and ranked second in Ball Contest, Cadet Murat ÇEŞMELİLER ranked first in Ball Contest.

* Naval Infantry Lieutenant Mahmut YAVUZ ranked second in Ultra-Marathon Championship conducted between 24-31 October 2015 at Kalahari Desert in South Africa.

* Gendarmerie Private Üzeyir ÇUHADAR ranked second in WAKO World Kickboxing Championship conducted between 21-29 November 2015 in Ireland.