The military training cooperation activities have been carried on with friendly and allied countries in the, following areas based on the bilateral agreements.

  • Military Visits to Units, Headquarters and Institutions,
  • Sending Observers to Exercises,
  • Training and Education in War Colleges, Military Academies (Army, Navy and Air Force), Branch Schools, Military Medical Academy, Military High Schools, NCO Vocational lnstitutions for Higher Education,
  • Short-Term Courses,
  • On-the-Job Training at Unit Headquarters and Institutions,
  • Family/Unit/Personel Exchange and Situ Training Support,
  • Combined/Joined Exercises,
  • Training and Cooperation in Military History and Museology.
  • In the context of bilateral agreements with friendly and allied countries, Military Guest Personnel (MGP) from these countries participate in various educational and training programs of the Turkish Armed Forces Institutions.
  • Under the agreements signed with friendly and allied nations, Guest Military Personnel from the said nations are provided training, education and various courses; at Turkish Armed Forces training institutions and in their countries through mobile training teams. Up to now, 29.257 MGP from 54 friendly and allied countries attended various educational and training programs. It has been planned to be trained 2.763 MGP from 35 countries for the Academic Year 2014-2015 and 3.443 MGP from 31 countries for the Academic Year 2015-2016.
  • Within the scope of military training cooperation activities, advisor / instructor support is given to Afghanistan Command Staff College, Afghanistan national Defence University, Afghan Military Academy, Kabul Military High School and Afghanistan Foreign Language School.
  • Kabul Ghazi Military Training Center was opened on February 02, 2010 by the advisors / instructors by TAF. 998 Afghan raw recruits have been trained in the centre so far.
  • The training centre was transformed into NCO basic training centre in June 2010 and 8.362 NCO candidates have been trained.
  • Between October 2009-November 2010, 12 Afghan companies (1.193 personnel) received training at Mountain Commando School Commands, Eğirdir / Isparta and were provided with equipment.
  • Up to now 20.831 Afghan Military Personnel have been trained by TAF.
  • 103 guest military personnel from Somalia Armed Forces were brought to Turkey. Their Turkish Language course, which is given at Language School of Land Forces between 11th November 2014 and 24th July 2015, has started. After Turkish Language course, “Training for Earning Basic Military Understanding – Officer”, “Training for Earning Basic Military Understanding – NCO” and “Specialization Training” will be provided to the Somalian trainees.