The military training cooperation activities have been carried on with friendly and allied countries in the, following areas based on the bilateral agreements.

  • Military Visits to Units, Headquarters and Institutions,
  • Sending Observers to Exercises,
  • The Educations at Turkish National Defense University, Turkish Health Sciences University, Branch Schools and NCO’s Collages in Turkey.
  • Short-Term Courses,
  • On-the-Job Training at Unit Headquarters and Institutions,
  • Family/Unit/Personel Exchange and Situ Training Support,
  • Combined/Joined Exercises,
  • Training and Cooperation in Military History and Museology.
  • In the context of bilateral agreements with friendly and allied countries, Military Guest Personnel (MGP) from these countries participate in various educational and training programs of the Turkish Armed Forces Institutions.
  • Up to now, 31894 Guest Military Personnel (GMP) from 57 friendly and allied countries were trained and educated. In term of 2016-2017, it was planned to train/educate 3.497 GMP from 32 countries. Besides, training/education support is given in native countries by mobile training teams.
  • Within military training cooperation actions, trainer/consultant support is given to Afghanistan Command Staff Collage, Afghanistan National Defense University, Kabul Military High School, Afghanistan Land War School and Afghanistan Foreign Language School.
  • 103 GMPs from Somalia Armed Forces were given Turkish Language Education, Officers and NCO’s Basic Course and specialization courses on various branches.